AllCast for PC: The Ultimate Walkthrough

AllCast is this glorious app that essentially is blurring the line between what you can access on your smartphone or tablet and what on your PC screen. The screen casting craze has recently taken root in our collective imaginations, and AllCast is the fruit that is luring all sorts of content and gaming aficionados to this giant phenomenon. Moving your small screen to a larger display setup is no longer restricted to futuristic Sci Fi movies. AllCast has brought that future to our homes and work spaces.

Excited? Here’s How to get AllCast:

AllCast is pretty easily available. Most devices are capable of supporting AllCast. What is interesting is that you need to have AllCast on both the devices; the one which is projecting the screen content and the other which is receiving it.

You may need AllCast if your device does not come preloaded with a screen casting application or setting. AllCast is the superior choice, since it lets you cast to a variety of screens with varied settings, like Chromecast, Apple TV, SmartTV, Xbox 360 etc.

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While you can easily find AllCast for Android on Google’s Play Store that comes preloaded and optimised in your Android device, getting the same for your PC can be a task. But never fear. Here’s how you may get the app on your PC device.

allcast for pc

To Receive content on your PC:

If getting to watch movies or gameplay from your phone is the only need you have, then there is a simpler option by AllCast for PC that is also a great deal cheaper in space consumption too. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Download Google Chrome
    Google Chrome is a really popular internet browser owned by Google Inc. It is fast and useful and doesn’t leave you struggling with basic things. You can download it from your regular browser. Google Search and you will find plenty of links.
  2. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for AllCast.
    Chrome Web Store is a marketplace for Extensions, games and other utilities designed especially for Chrome. Look up AllCast Receiver in the search bar. A handful of search results should pop up. Select “AllCast Receiver” from it.
  3. Download and enjoy
    The extension is available to “Add to Chrome”. Look up the information cited on the page. Once you click “Add to Chrome”, the download and installation will automatically commence and be completed in a short while. And that is all you need to do to.

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To Broadcast Content from your PC:

Broadcasting content from the PC is said to be possible. I personally haven’t been successful in the one or two methods I’ve tried, which have involved downloading various utilities to my PC. I am yet to try the emulator route though, even though it is deemed the safest by anyone who knows their technology. I’ll list this method here for you to try. Do tell me if it worked, so we may together partake in this amazing technology.

  1. Download an Android Emulator
    An Android Emulator, for the uninitiated, is a means of mimicking an Android OS on your non Android PC. It helps you run any Android App on your PC in a single window, with the same ease as your phone. It is safe, community tested and requires no tweaking with your original OS or hardware. Developers even use it for designing apps and stuff.
    We recommend Andy ( and BlueStacks (, since they’re better known and also free.
  2. Set up your Emulator
    To set it up, all you need is a Google account and 5 minutes of your time. The Google account is used to log into the emulator, or you won’t be able to access the Play Store and its varied apps. You can even make one by toeing the instructions indicated. And be carefree; your private information isn’t publicised.
  3. Download AllCast
    Once you have logged in, you may access the Play Store. Open the Play Store and look up the app in the search bar. You may also use the Search Bar on the main screen, depending on the emulator you have. Click Install and voila! Your app will be neatly in place in a minute or two.
    Alternatively, you may download the apk file for AllCast online from your regular OS interface. Google Search and you’ll be shown plenty of links where you may get the file. Once downloaded, right click, choose “Open With” and then the emulator you have downloaded. The installation will be completed in a jiffy and you will be notified.

That’s all you need to so. The reviews for this method are mixed, because although it is arguably the safest, it has not worked for some. If it doesn’t there are service specific casting applications and extensions like Google Cast, that have proven to be quite effective.

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The Final Word on AllCast for PC:

AllCast is almost a cure-all. The application essentially eliminates the need for having different apps to cast screens on different platforms. With One AllCast, you can do away with apps for Apple, ChromeCast, Samsung and all the other casting enabled services. It is quick, powerful and has arguably offered the best customer satisfaction. All of this put it as the app to be recommended to friends and family. And so we recommend it to our friends reading this post.

AllCast for PC: The Ultimate Walkthrough
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