Candy Crush Saga for PC: Download for Windows and Mac

The game Candy Crush Saga had reached its peak a few months back and gradually the charm subsided. However, the game still never turns out to be a bore. Despite being made up of candies and sticks, it does require some brainstorming. That’s why there is always a craze of getting Candy Crush Saga for PC installed at least once in a lifespan for every youths out there in the differtent corner of the world.

Candy Crush Saga for PC

What is Candy Crush Saga:The Beginning

The game was release on April 12, 2012 for facebook; and gradually spread to other platforms which include iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Fire Os and Windows 10! It is basically a match three puzzle by King. Later, a Dreamworld level was incorporated in November 2013 which let the users repeat levels but with a different mechanic. Updates follow as and when necessary. Even as per some rumors the developers were actually thinking a Candy Crush Saga for PC official version, but that didn’t happen the reality sadly.

In 2014, a sequel Candy Crush Saga Soda was released for Android and iOS. The game now has 100 million of installs with a 5th rank secured among puzzle games downloaded in the UK.

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Candy Crush Saga: How to Play, Tips and Tricks

The Game board is quite simple and user friendly. You start off with making triplets or more by swiping candies with each move. Each time new candies drop in and the current ones shift. There are combinations to be made which help you gain more points and also boosters present which help you add moves, shuffle candies and many more. A set goal is to be achieved by clearing jellies within set moves. As you progress, you will have a better understanding of the game, and thus playing Candy Crush Saga on PC will become a whole new thriling experience for sure.

Candy Crush Saga: Levels Of difficulty with Solutions

Some of the levels are indeed difficult to cross without a proper idea in mind, here are some of them which need to a lot of brainstorming.

Level 33

Objective is to clear the jellies in just 14 moves.
This one seems quite a challenge as you are restricted to those blocks of 4 by 4. The only way out is combinations of striped and wrapped candies. You can as well opt for re-rolls if you find it more convenient.

Level 70

Objective is clearing all jellies in 45 moves.
So many blocks and teleports make this a little extra difficult. What you can do is re-roll until you can find a good move for the opening on the right. Stripes can only save your game and help you clear off the jellies. To increase your chances at winning, you will have to clear the chocolate in the very initial moves.

Level 130

Objective is to collect all 5 striped + striped combos in 40 moves with 20,000 points.
The weird shape and those deadly placements; only hack here is to bring striped candies beside each other and plan your each move. Your focus at this level should be the 5 striped candies instead of other gainers.

Level 181

Objective is to clear ingredients in 50 moves with 20,000 points.
This looks hell difficult in the very first place itself. Of course, look at those stones and look at the number of candies. A time consuming level with a lot patience to be played. You need to remove the centre meringue and make combinations in the least possible number of moves. You need to get both striped at wrapped candies together to let the sides be open.

Level 350

Objective is clearing jellies in 60 moves.
When you have managed to reach here, you surely have enough of an experience by now. The tip to passing through this level is shuffling the table and find combos of wrapped and striped candies to break that centered jelly. With that, you will surely find this crushing session a little easier.

These were 5 of the most difficult as per general considerations. Level 65, 135 and many more seem to be no less of a challenge either!

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Download Candy Crush Saga for Windows (10/8.1/7/XP)

In order to download Candy Crush on Windows and MAC, we just have to take help of some Android and iOS emulators which are really awesome in many ways for sure. So lets get started with this Candy Crush Saga for Windows 8 thing.

For all the Windows 10 users, the game comes as an in-built one. For those with lower versions of Windows (7/8/8.1/XP) or MAC can download it with the help of an emulator. Here is how:

  • First step is to download an android emulator for your PC. You can download Andy OS as it is free and lets you use Smartphone apps on your PC.
  • You can visit Andy Android Emulator from here.
  • Finish off with the procedures required for signing in. you can simply use your Gmail id for easy access.
  • Launch the app store and look up for the game in the search bar.
  • Once you locate the application, download it on your device and you can now play the game with ease on your PC’s without any interruption.

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Like always, simple steps for any Android game or application which lets you access the same on your desktops without any difficulty or additional charges! Now, you can start enjoying Candy Crush Saga on your Windows PC for free of cost.

Candy Crush Saga Tweaks and Tricks

You always need some cheats and hacks to finish off the game faster and with huge points. Here are four tricks which are simple to apply and will seek you good number of points!

  • Playing with patterns: You need to keep in mind the patterns that follow after every move; with this you can kill two birds with one stone. You don’t only get candies and plus points, but you also get hold of the combos.
  • Identifying the stripes: Always remember that the candies get striped along the direction of your last move. So always play safe!
  • Clearing jellies: Jellies are the main concern during this game. Focus on cleaning the ones at the edges; with that you will be all sorted.
  • Additional lives: With so many wrong moves, you do need extra lives. You can either switch to playing on your PC with multiple tabs open, or you can change the date and time of the device when the current game has zero lives.

This was it from the locker of tweaks and tricks applicable in Candy Crush Saga!

And that is all about Candy Crush Saga. The game has been a hot favorite of many and continues to be too. However, the initial charm has indeed dropped down. Candy Crush however is one game which managed to appeal to people of all age groups and not just the teenagers. We hope we have been able to provide the solution to get Candy Crush Saga for PC running on Windows or Mac OS. Stay in touch and feel free to use our comments box if you are having any issues with the solution mentioned above. 

Candy Crush Saga for PC: Download for Windows and Mac
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