Clash Royale: Hacks, Tips and Guide. SPECIAL CHEST ORDER INSIDE

Clash Royale has been gaining a great deal of popularity. Coming from Supercell, the developer which brought to us the cult phenomenon Clash of Clans, is here with much more to offer. The game is dedicated solely to multiplayer action, giving opportunity to multiple players to enjoy one-on-one tower defense based arcade fighting. Clash Royale Android is not simple Clash of Clans 2, it is an altogether different franchise being created by Supercell, which is set to overtake the popularity of CoC in a short while.

Clash Royale Cheats and Tricks

Clash Royale is here to take your breath away. The sheer awesomeness of the features will make you forget all other games. The designing, detailing and gameplay all gel perfectly with the desires of your boredom infected mind. Not a single moment of boredom shall follow if you have this game. Here’s what makes this app so amazing.

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Clash Royale Android Features:

  • Clash Royale is a multiplayer game, which means you get a new strategy of the opposite side in every game. Even AI hasn’t reached that level yet.
  • The game is focused as a tower defense game. But the graphics, customization and defenses are all unique to it, which makes it the best of the lot yet.
  • In a comparatively compact 80 MBs, the game has towers, characters and skins of a wide variety, which means you can have great fun without filling up your phone’s memory.
  • There are features with diverse implications; from cards, characters to the Royales. The game is kept simple, but the possibilities to win it are endless.

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Download Clash Royale :

Clash Royale is available for download on iTunes and Play Store. The size is a little below 90 MBs on the Play Store. As is often the case with apps exceeding 20 MBs, your phone can refuse to download it even if there is space of 1 MBs less. This can be frustrating. While it of course recommended to keep some empty space in your phone, android can often be touchy.



Clash Royale Guide:

Clash Royale is fairly simple. But we know one can always profit with some Clash Royale tips. They can make winning easier. The game is dedicated solely to multiplayer combat, so knowing your way around the game can lead you to more and more victories, and up your stats. Consult the Clash Royale wiki to know more about the game and single out its nitty-gritties.

Clash Royale hacks and tips can be found in the Clash Royale Wiki. The game has plenty of detailing, which can give rise to more and more gameplay strategies. That’s what’s most beautiful about this game; there’s opportunity for personalized strategy, without excesses of developer interpretations.

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Clash Royale Glitches:

Clash Royale currently has a few glitches. Some of them can be annoying, like the app crashing a few times as some android users in my circle have reported. Others can be more welcome, like those that let you get a truckload of XP and coins for no effort at all. Check out this video to know more.

Clash Royale Cheats:

There are several Clash Royale cheat codes you can use to win amazing rewards. All you need to do to win troops, unlock character and win gems and gold is punch in a code or two, and you’ll be minting game currency in no time.

  1. Fistful of Gems$1.29 – QZ_sbmTI3dcRB
  2. Pouch of Gems$6.49 – OE_2gB2WMOjzx
  3. Bucket of Gems$12.99 – TD_MGIX4aXjLH
  4. Barrel of Gems$24.99 – SN_ihGuwftN52
  5. Mountain of Gems$124.99 – DL_hPP2qTvpb5
  6. Wagon of Gems$64.99 – UG_uMYyeQ3Xrn

Clash Royale Chest Order:

People have been looking to find out the order in which Clash Royale chest drops come. The order was previously believed to be a percentage thing. However it has recently been deduced to be a 240 chest cycle. This cycle consists of 3 giant and 3 magical chests, and the rest are mostly silver, the rest being gold. Magical chests and giant chests are of course the most sought after. The cycle resets every completion. The only way to keep track of it is to start making notes the first time you get a magic chest, and then keeping a count till the next 240. If you have the time, of course.

Clash Royale: Hacks, Tips and Guide. SPECIAL CHEST ORDER INSIDE
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