Clean Master for PC Free Download for Windows and Mac

The application Clean Master, as the name suggests basically cleans up your device and eliminates unnecessary files in order to find space in your drive. The app works greatly and has been developed in a way which suits the needs of one and all. However, this app is exclusive for Smartphones mainly but you can download Clean Master for PC too using the instructions below within few minutes.

Clean Master for PC runs quick analyses and once finished it reports of the revocable files which are subdivided as video/audio, system cache, junk from third party apps, invalid keys, social junk, etc.

Clean Master for PC

Clean Master for PC

Features of Clean Master

After having eulogized so much about the application, let us have a look at the features of Clean Master application:

  • You can as well have a closer look at the elements of your PC and discover the data which are blocking your computer.
  • You can as well choose an option from the menu so that once you open the Windows; it will clean up your device.
  • Also, clean master comes with a recycle bin in order to initiate a scan from the PC itself.
  • It comes with the kind of design which is reliable and easily usable.
  • It is indeed an ideal application run a cleanup drive on your PC.
  • It is actually a great alternative to CCleaner!

Clean Master App: Pros and Cons:

The application does have its own set of pros and cons which make the application worth it!


  • Scrutinizes quickly.
  • Cleans all the parts of a PC.
  • It has a very usable design which is workable!
  • Notifications can be configured.
  • The context menu can be incorporated into the phone.


  • More advanced features need to be integrated.
  • The options should have been widespread.

Download Clean Master for PC (Windows 8.1/8/7/XP)

  1. First of all you need to go to the official website. (
  2. From here, choose free download and begin with the download procedure you will be directed to a new tab and the download will then start.
  3. You now need to look up for the installer within the directory you chose for continuing with the download process. In case you are not asked where the file is to be saved, look up for the same in downloads.
  4. Run the installer and open it to finish off the process of installation. Now you are almost ready to get Clean Master for PC.

Installing Clean Master

  1. Open the application and once installation is done, the icon will automatically appear on your desktop for easy access.
  2. Wait until the PC is scanned! It might take up to 15 minutes!

That’s why you can download Clean Master for PC in just few minutes. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out.

Download Clean Master for MAC

  1. For running the application Clean Master on MAC, you firstly need an emulator.
  2. Once done, look up for ‘Clean Master’ and install the application. In case it isn’t available in there, you can download with its APK files and visit it via the emulator.

So it was all about downloading Clean Master on PC quite easily and simply. Once done, your Windows PC will now be less of a jam-packed one!

Clean Master for Windows 10: Easiest Way Possible

Clean Master is very popular among the Smartphone users especifically,however the need for Clean Master for PC is eternal too. But, if you are running the latest and most updated Windows 10, then also you can download this app on your machine for free in just few minutes. In order to install Clean Master for Windows 10, you just need to follow the same process which we have mentioned earlier in this article only. This app is as useful as Zapya, and that’s why we have prepared this article to all the beloved readers of our site.

Alternatives to Clean Master App for Windows

  • Web Cache: Using this helps you reduce the bandwidth usage as HTML WebPages and images are surfed. However, these do occupy less space on your PC.
  • Software Junk: Softwares often leave behind some files during download steps and hence leave behind thrash which are of no use. Cleaning such files are indeed needed and safe as well since they are of completely no use.
  • Video and audio Junk: The name pretty much speaks about what kind of a cleaning app it is. It basically checks up all media applications such as Media Player, VLC, iTunes, QuickTime, etc.
  • System Cache: this is basically a method that cleans up the entire PC and also speeds up the working of the device.
  • Registry Junk: the registers which are of no use anymore can be eliminated to improve the functioning of the PC.

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Clean Master for PC: Wrap Up

Having spoken about the alternatives to the application, you do know now that Clean master for PC is one application which has incorporated all the features required into one app. It is indeed an ideal cleaning application to help you keep your PC’s clean from thrash as well as boasts the overall performance of your PC.

Happy cleaning!

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