Dolphin Browser for PC: Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac OS

Dolphin Browser for Windows 7: Today we are going to introduce Dolphin Browser which is pretty accurately named, if you ask me. Dolphins are largely seen as happy intelligent creatures that obey commands of trainers (even if that has a history of animal abuse). Dolphin Browser, whether or not that is the reason of the naming, is pretty much the same. In this article we will be mentioning the exact methods by using which you will be able to get Dolphin Browser for PC quite easily in just few minutes only.

Dolphin Browser for PC

Dolphin Browser is smart, sleek and arguably quick footed. Most importantly, it is a delight to use. With over 50 million downloads, there has to be a reason why it is so popular, right? So, before digging in to the process of getting Dolphin Browser on Windows, let us analyse some of the best features of this popular browser.

Note:- Do not download dolphin browser apk as it might affect your system’s speed.

Dolphin Browser Features

Ever wondered why is this Dolphin Browser so popular among the millions of people across the world of different ages? well, it certainly has a winning combo of intuitive feel and speed. There’s hardly anything else one bases their selection of browsers on. So, what are the best features of this browser?

  • Great interface, enjoyed by millions around the globe.
  • Dolphin looks trendier than your average mobile browser.
  • Set your smart gestures to give instructions.
  • Customizable home screen to go to websites without entering urls over and over.
  • Customizing extends to themes and colours.
  • Plus, users experience a quicker downloading of bulky websites, like a tumblr with lots of GIFS, for example.

Sweet, right? So, now lemme tell you the exact process to download Dolphin Browser for Windows right here.

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Dolphin Web Browser for PC Windows (100% Tested Method)

We don’t blame you if you’re itching to download Dolphin and enjoy its internet experience. The sad part is, Dolphin doesn’t come officially for Windows. But don’t be put off in the least. We have a solution for you that will allow you to run dolphin browser for windows 7, windows 8.1, XP and even windows 10. How? Read on. In fact you will be able use Dolphin Browser on Windows 10 too if you follow the methods which I am going to explain below.

  1. Start by downloading BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a pretty standard thing to have in your PC. It’s widely used, so its safety is more certain than any less popular software. BlueStacks is an Android Emulator. Android Emulators are nothing but software that mimic Android operating system. You can get it at

  1. Open BlueStacks and sign in

Don’t worry. This is no scam. It’s like signing into your android phone when you use it for the first time or after a factory reset. Open BlueStacks, and sign in with your google account. Your account login is required for your Play Store application in BlueStacks to function.

  1. Look up Dolphin Browser and Install.

Just like an Android phone, look up Dolphin Browser in the Play Store and install it. The app shall run like a breeze. Enjoy!

You have successfully installed Dolphin Browser for Windows on your system.

One small note, though. Dolphin Browser is an Android app, and it doesn’t run on your Windows, but on your BlueStacks. So every time you want to run Dolphin Browser, it is right there in your BlueStacks application. It won’t run without BlueStacks though, so it isn’t useless once you’ve got your apps.

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Dolphin Browser for Mac

In order to get the mighty Dolphin Browser on Mac computers, we just need to follow exactly the same process like Windows PC, yes really.

  1. Download BlueStacks.

Go to Information available above.

  1. Log In through your gmail account

A necessary step. Android (including Android Emulators) needs you to log in to download stuff from the play store.

  1. Look up Dolphin Browser for Android and Install.

Following this, your Dolphin Browser app is ready to run.

The same stuff that went for Windows PC holds true for Mac too. Remember, you have not downloaded Dolphin into your Mac OS, but in your Android that is being emulated by your BlueStacks app. So do not delete BlueStacks if you want to continue using Dolphin Browser. First enjoy, then thank us later as we just helped you to download Dolphin Browser for Mac OS using the easiest method possible.

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Dolphin Browser Alternatives or Similar Apps

It might happen that Dolphin may not cut it for you. Which apps to use then? Here are some I found worthy of consideration. Here is a small list of similar apps of Dolphin Browser or in one phrase Dolphin Browser Alternatives. So if you are thinking of giving Dolphin Browser for PC a try then you may also have a look on this following options.

  1. Chrome for Android

Being quite fascinated by Google products, Chrome is another that makes a good case before me. It comes pre loaded in some devices, but it is easy to install like any other Android app. It has a great interface which is a standard for other apps to compete against. It’s quick, personalisable, and intuitive.

  1. Firefox for Android

Firefox is another app that gives tough competition to Chrome on many aspects. It is arguably more secure than any other popular browser. You can get your notification feeds directly onto your hoe screen. It can even sync your tabs between Desktop and phone tab, if you want it to

  1. UC Browser

I know what you’re thinking. There used to be a time when I hated UC too. But trust me, this app just keeps improving with each update. And not just improving at a normal pace, but at a dramatic one. While it doesn’t have as many features as other apps, the sheer pace of progress this app has made gives it a place in this list of mine.

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Wrap Up

Dolphin Browser is very popular among the Android OS users for quite few hours now, so we think it’s our team’s responsibility to help you to get Dolphin Browser for Windows 7, 8,10 or Mac. We don’t want non Android users to miss the fun of using this famous browser.

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