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Pokémon has been the hot favourite among the millions of video games ever since it was released on Nintendo in 1996. It is a role-playing adventure game loved by millions of people all over the world. From small kids to adults, the game is a huge hit among all. According to Nintendo, the wait for iPhone users is over. The official game publishers have announced that Pokémon games will soon be available on iOS devices.

The Pokémon game series was first released as a ”Game Boy” Version in Japan in the year 1996. With the release of ”Game Boy”, the game started gaining popularity everywhere. Once it started gaining popularity, the developers released the game in Paris.

Pokémon GO is the latest game to be released in this series. The game has been launched in some countries in July 2016. Gamers having iOS devices in these countries can easily access the game on their devices. However, before this new game, ”Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Version” was the last released game in the series. And till now, the game can be played only in Nintendo 3DS Platforms. The developers of the game have said that the next instalment ”Pokemon Z” will release on iOS devices along with the Nintendo 3DS. This comes as good news that gradually the developers are trying to cover the game on iPhone devices too.

About Pokémon:


Pokémon is a media franchise managed by The Pokémon Company which is a Japanese Consortium between Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak. It was Santoshi Tajiri who created the franchise in 1995. The franchise caters to the making of fictional characters called Pokémon. These creatures are caught by humans in the form of Pokémon trainers to train them for battle with each other.

How to Buy Pokémon Games from Amazon?

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Pokémon for iOS devices

Well, Pokémon is the biggest thing to ever happen in the Role-playing Games (RPG) World. The game holds the record for the best -selling video game all over the world just after Mario, another game by Nintendo. Ever since the launch of iPhone, there have been several speculations whether the developers will launch the games for the iPhone devices too. It is only in 2015 that Nintendo officially announced that they will be introducing the iPhone version from the launch of their next game, i.e Pokémon GO. Well, keeping true to their words, Pokémon GO was launched in July 2016 both for Nintendo platforms as well as iPhone version. Along with this, the developers had even said that the game will be available on Android devices too along with iOS. The new game was indeed launched on Android devices too. With Pokémon GO, the franchise captured over the two most popular mobile-gaming platforms-Android and iOS.

Pokémon GO for iPhone is worth the wait for so long!

It is believed that waiting for Pokémon GO has been the longest so far among all the video games. The question is what makes the game so popular much before its release? What makes people eagerly wait for it since the announcement of its launch?


Well, the publishers of the game Nintendo had announced that the game will be launched not only in Nintendo platforms but even on Android and iPhone devices. Android and iOS form to be the most popular mobile-gaming platforms. It was for the first time ever since the launch of the game that a large number of mobile gamers will finally be able to access the game on their devices.

As per the schedule, the game was launched in July 2016. With its launch itself, the game has been a major hit among the people. It is a location-based Augmented Reality game  which is free to play in the countries it was released. Players have to use the smart device’s GPS and camera to catch and train the fictional creatures to battle them with each other. It appears as if the creatures are in the same location as the players. The game supports in-app purchases which are used for additional gameplay items. Shortly after its release, the mobile app of the game ranked as one of the most used apps.

Pokémon GO for Android:


Not only across the iOS devices, but the game has also been released on the Android devices. This is the first time that the developers have released a game on Android devices. It was Tsunekazu Ishihara who first thought of launching the game for Android platforms too. Tsunekazu Ishihara was a part of the Pokemon company and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata. The game is already a huge hit across the Android platforms, and Android lovers are simply going gaga over the game.

How to Play Pokémon GO on iPhone?

If this hugely popular Role-Playing Game has released in your area; then it is very easy for you to download the game without any hassle. All you need to do is just visit the App Store and download the app directly.

However, if the game has not yet released on your region, then it is a bit lengthier process for you to access the game on your iOS device. You need to form a new user ID of a region where the game has released. We are providing you the steps to do so by forming an account of the United States. By following the steps below, you will be able to download and play the game no matter where you stay.

  1. Create a new Apple ID by visiting this page.
  2. Now choose the United States from the drop-down menu.
  3. Open the App Store from your Apple iPhone.
  4. Now tap on Featured at the panel below.
  5. By scrolling to the bottom, tap your Apple ID.
  6. In case if you are Signed In, tap on Signed Out.
  7. Now Sign In your account.
  8. Key in the new Apple ID and password you get.
  9. Once you get a pop-up which reads- ”This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store”, simply tap on Review.
  10. Now tap United States under ‘Country or Region’.
  11. Now click on Next.
  12. After reading the Terms and Conditions along with Apple’s Privacy Policy, tap ”Agree”.
  13. Once again click on ”Agree” in the pop-up.
  14. When asked about Billing Information, click on None.
  15. Now scroll down. Search for a valid US address on the Internet and put in that.
  16. Now you have to enter a valid phone number and click Next.
  17. Now click on Done at top-right of the page.

How to Download and Install the game on your iPhone?

Once your Apple ID is created of the United States, the download and installation process is very simple. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Search button in the bottom panel.
  2. Now search for Pokémon GO.
  3. Now click on Get to Download the game on your iPhone.
  4. Once the download process is complete, click on Install.
  5. It takes just a few seconds to install the game!
  6. Once it installs, repeat the steps 3 to 8 above to switch back to your actual Apple ID.
  7. The game will still work even after you switch back to your original ID. Remember to return to your US iTunes account once you need to update the app.




Pokémon GO on a Jailbreak iPhone:

If you have been playing the game on an iPhone, which has a Jailbreak, then we have brought some recommendations which will help you to get more from the game. These tweaks will help you to catch more Pokémons for sure!

  1. PokePatch– With the PokePatch Jailbreak tweak, you can play the game even on a device which is jailbroken. The game by default checks a device if it is jailbroken so that it does not work on them. However, this check can easily be bypassed using the PokePatch jailbreak tweak.
  2. Pokemon Go Anywhere– If you are too lazy to go outside and catch Pokemons, or you are somehow unable to catch them, then this is your perfect solution. The simple Pokemon Go Anywhere tweak allows players to walk anywhere in the game by simply tapping anywhere on the map. Remember to face north while doing so.
  3. Pokemon Lock– The  Pokemon Lock tweak allows players to play Pokémon right from the lock screen of their iOS device be it iPhone or iPad. This, in turn, annihilates its battery life. For accessing the tweak, you need to disable the passcode protection. However, a few security issues definitely cannot come in your way of catching your favorite Pokemons. Isn’t it?


Now you can enjoy your favorite game series directly on your iPhone and Android devices without any hassle. So what are you still waiting for? Download the game right on your iPhone now and start experiencing the most thrilling and exciting game of all time! Remember that you are playing the second best game of all time!!!

Happy gaming Pokemon fans!

Download Pokémon Go for iPhone – Get Play Store Version Game
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