Download ShowBox Movie App for iPad

ShowBox is a very famous application which offers great fun with no cost. As we all know Showbox App is now considered to be illegal because it violates some copyright laws. But still, ShowBox is easily available on Android as you can find it on any website and downloading Showbox APK to use it is no fuss. But what should be done to get Showbox for iPad, well, follow the simple steps and you will also be able to get this amazing movie app for iPad for free.

Showbox for iPad

First things first, ShowBox is not available for Apple products simply because the company never built an app for iOS. So if you really want Show Box for iPad, then the bad news is you can’t, but there is also good news as you can get a similar looking application called MovieBox. The MovieBox application is a replacement for ShowBox to use as the movie app for iPad and by replacement we mean just the name replacement, everything else is same as the ShowBox App except from the logo which says MovieBox.

Let us look at what MovieBox or ShowBox App for iPad does and how can you download your favorite movies or shows.

MovieBox, the Movie App for iPad Features

  1. You can download movies and T.V. Shows from the app without installing any other application like uTorrent or BitTorrent or something like that.
  2. Best quality of movies and T.V. shows: Quality is the first thing that we all look forward to while finding a show or movie. ShowBox or MovieBox always ensures great quality of T.V. shows and movies and the best part is it is quick as the movies or T.V. shoes are uploaded with hours of release.
  3. You can also put shows or movies as your favorites inside the application only. So, if your bandwidth is full and you want to watch a particular show or movie later, you can just add it in the favorite option and get back to it later.
  4. You can not only download the movies or T.V. Shows but also watch them online. This is a very handy feature when you are having low storage space in your device. This won’t fill your device’s storage space and still you can watch the full movie without any interruption.
  5. The ShowBox or MovieBox application doesn’t require any type of registration or paid charges which means you can not only enjoy the features for free but also unnoticed.

Install MovieBox for iPad (Step by Step Guide)

  1. Download vshare application on iPad.
  2. Select the unjailbroken version of the application and click on trust to install it.
  3. After you install the application, all you need to do is search for the MovieBox application which is available via vshare app.
  4. Tap on the download button and click on install.
  5. After installing the MovieBox app, you will find it in your menu.
  6. Add the application in the trusted apps in order to enjoy the app, uninterrupted.

So guys, there is no ShowBox for iPad but instead, you can get MovieBox app for iPad if you are into movies and T.V. shows. We hope now your search for the best movie app for iPad will end right here right now.

Download ShowBox Movie App for iPad
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