Fallout Shelter for PC: Download for MAC and Windows

FalloutShelter by Bethesda Softworks LLC is a heck of a game based on vaults and the Fallout Universe. The game has been designed with the perfect kind of graphics and is pretty much addictive too. It gives us a glimpse of the previous series and at the same time keeps the players entertained. The craze for this game so much that even the thought of actually getting Fallout Shelter for PC can make people go gaga over it for sure.

The game Fallout Shelter has recently been launched for Android users (read here) ; however, a PC version for Fallout shelter will work just fine for the non-iPhone users, isn’t it?

Fallout Shelter for PC

What is Fallout Shelter: Game Details and Especial Scoop

So here it is. Before getting into how to download, let us have a look at what’s in store in this game. Fallout Shelter is basically how the player manages and supervises the vault by putting the characters to work and looking after the dwellers of the Vault. Not to forget the thieves and raiders who are to be kept away and the vault to be protected. The game has been a huge hit and has managed to get millions of users glued to it. The Fallout 4 is in the making; until then, enjoy this exclusive guide to download Fallout Shelter for PC by doing few simple steps!

The latest update has also got major bug fixes and some new features as well; the photo feature for example. Along with these, the fixes have as well solved the problem of the air filters for the Vault.

Well, the game is super fun. With a new version in making, it is now time to make the most out of the current one!

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How to download Fallout Shelter on MAC

Downloading phone apps or games on your PC’s first requires an emulator; so does Fallout for MAC.

  • Begin with downloading iPadian emulator for MAC. You can visit the website. (http://www.xpadian.com/ )
  • Once installed, launch the emulator on your MAC.
  • Go to the ‘App store’.
  • You might find the game on the home screen of your app store itself. *In case you don’t, you can search for the game.*
  • Once downloaded, you will find the app on your iPadian emulator app.

And you are all done with downloading and installing Fallout Shelter on your MAC Computer!

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How to Download Fallout Shelter for PC Windows (10/7/8.1/Xp)

Fallout Shelter Gameplay

  • Since the game is currently available for iOS, you need iPadian. (http://www.xpadian.com/ )
  • Go to the app store, and look up for Fallout Shelter.
  • Proceed with the process of downloading and installing the application.
  • Once done, go to home page, and you can start with the game on your windows PC!

*Fallout Shelter is a huge 196MB game, so before you start with the download, make sure of proper internet connection.* Otherwise your dream of playing Fallout Shelter on PC can get scattered on blink of eyes.

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Similar Games Like Fallout Shelter:

No doubt Fallout Shelter is one of its kind, but there are a number of alternatives to the application as well. You can play Tiny Tower or Tiny Tower Vegas, and then you have the Evil Genius too. Doomsday Preppers could as well be a probable alternative on your list.

We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed our tutorial on getting Fallout Shelter for PC in most easy steps! Enjoy those vaults and the entire Fallout universe! Happy Gaming!

Fallout Shelter for PC: Download for MAC and Windows
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