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GBA for iOS: I remember spending hours on my gameboy when I was a teen. It was a birthday gift. What can I say, my parents understood my love for gaming. And so when it released 2 months before my birthday, my dad bought it and hide it from me, letting me wail, shout and sulk for it for the time being. It wasn’t long before there were other gaming consoles in town, but GameBoy was different. It was the handiest, easiest to use, and hence the most fun to play. And with each successive GameBoy device, the games got better, and the fad grew.

gba for ios

I had resigned it to history till I recently came to know that one can now play GameBoy Advanced on any smartphone, Apple or Android. I’ll confess, I’ve been playing game after game on my iPad for the last two days. And looking at how fun it still was, I decided to write and share the magic with you.

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GBA for iOS Features:

GameBoy represents a pinnacle in gaming. There are games with better graphics, storylines and controls now, but all of them owe a significant deal to GameBoy. Let’s see why that is so:

  • GameBoy was among the first generations of portable gaming devices. The fact that you can play GTA on your smartphones comes from the innovation of that generation.
  • The console is light on the senses and easy to follow. This still trumps modern gaming where you might have to remember a plethora of controls and follow far too intricate storylines.
  • The buttons and controls are a big plus. Even when developing the console for smartphones, the developers stuck to the buttons of the old device because it is so easy and intuitive to apply.
  • The retro feel is not the only thing in the developers’ mind though. You have auto rotate too which lets you play the game in wider screen displays for a better experience.

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Update: 22 January 2016

The game “Harvest moon: Seeds of memories” has been finally launched on iOS, which means that the GBA for iOS lovers will get another reason to smile as they can use the emulator to play the all time favorite game: Harvest Moon. This has been launched for game lovers just today and it comes as a “fully paid game”! Anyways the game lovers are going to love it and they won’t mind paying a few dollars for this awesome game.

Check out the trailer of the Game here!!

GBA for iOS – GBA Emulator for iPhone

GBA is so awesome that you cannot live without it. Now obviously you won’t find console software on your regular App Store. But there are lot of apps that can play your games for you. And all of these are available online. Google search and you will receive a hundred apps in the search results. The rest of the process can be tricky, though. So let us walk you through it.

  1. Download a GBA emulator for iOS
    GBA4iOS is the one we’d recommend. Look it up on Google.
    Pro Tip: Use your Apple device’s Safari browser to download the app. That way you won’t have to transfer the app between devices or end up befuddled that the file is for the wrong version.This is the best way to get gba emulator for iphone.
  2. Install the downloaded file
    You can usually download the file by simply tapping it to execute. The device will tell you that the app hasn’t been verified by Apple, and will proceed to ask you if you trust the application. If you click Trust the application will proceed to install. This won’t take much time either.
  3. Look up ROMs of your favourite games and install them.
    You can find great ROMs online. Use Safari on your device to Google search for ROMs. There are simple ROMs and there are Advance ROMs. Most emulators will run either type, but if there is a problem, this could be the reason. You might have to ditch the ROM in that case.
    Pro Tip: Each website may have a different methodology of downloading a game. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the file quickly. Look up different websites.

Note: – This method works on iOS version 9, 9.1, 9.2, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4

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GBA iOS emulators: The Final Word

GBA emulators are quite the rage. GBA for iOS download stands out in terms of popularity and ease of use. There is a rare confluence of ease of use and nostalgia. Sure there are issues, like older versions’ ROMs not working occasionally. And the ROMs could do with easier downloads on a lot of sites. But the gaming experience is superior to any modern gaming. At least to a pre-GTA gamer, it is. The controls are graceful and intuitive. Plus the Portrait and Landscape displays are equally well designed and arranged, which is rare in this genre. All in all, GBA-emulators for iOS are a god-send.

GBA for iOS – Download GBA Emulator Latest Version
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