Halo for PC: Download Halo Online for Free

Halo is among one of the first game of its kind to have become such a success! It is among the one which came up with a Halo for PC version to it. Though it is quite an old game, it continues to go strong as far as the popularity is concerned. In short playing Halo online is indeed quite good and gives us chilling experience.

Halo for PC

The game started with a sci-fi first person shooter and features a campaign which is like the fast and furious online multiplayer type. It looks good enough and works in perfect sync with HD quality as well; as that is what the definition of games is these days. However, the kind of set up it has and the entire style, it is more suited to times and games played a couple of years ago. If you are interested in Halo Download on PC then keep calm and read this article right here right now.

The single player demo of the campaign makes the player feel good and is free! The game however has evolved over time and the multiplayer demo keeps the player stuck to the game itself. Controls continue to be the same as FPS and hence it is quite easy to pick up the game Halo on PC!

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Halo for PC: Pros and Cons


  • It is indeed a classic game.
  • Becomes all the more fun since it is a multiplayer game.


  • It might seem to be an outdated game for many.

Download Halo for Windows PC

There are three methods of playing Halo for PC that we’ll be explaining to you in order to choose the one which is possibly the best and most convenient for you.

Method 1: Vista

  1. Go to Vista
  2. Purchase the game from wherever it is sold.

Method 2: Alternative

  1. Download uTorrent for your PC.
  2. Next you will need either of winzip or winrar. (you can go for the trial versions of both)
  3. Since you are not downloading the file the right way, if you wish to not be busted, download Peer Guardian.
  4. On torrent, look up for the game.
  5. Once done, download it on uTorrent.
  6. Now, after the download is finish, you will need to open the file in winzip or winrar and extract it.
  7. Save it onto your PC.
  8. And you are all set to let the game Halo on PC begin!

Method 3: Windows XP and earlier versions

Though the real version of Halo for PC is available only on Vista, you can get it on your XP with a little bit of modifications here and there here is how!

  1. First of all you need custom Halo Custom Edition. Known as Halo CE, it is basically a version which allows multiplayer version only; also, it has an imporved ability to pack custom maps.
  2. Open the installer and begin with the installation process however, you need a valid CD key of Halo for your PC. (from here, you get only the custom maps and not the Halo 2 maps)

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Download Halo on MAC

  • You need to first visit the official website: http://www.Halo4Demo.com  Isn’t it just simple as easy?
  • You will see an option, namely “Get Your Copy Now!” Well, yes, it is indeed that straight!
  • You will have to enter you email and then proceed with a click on the “Continue”. Simple!
  • Fill in the details of where should the game be sent on your PC and you will be all done! Indeed, not everything is always complicated on MAC! The task of “Halo Download” is indeed quite easy and can be done in minutes.

Alternatives to Halo

Games do not always seem to be everlasting and evergreen, isn’t it? You do need variety in every once in a while, or may be possible alternatives of Halo for PC for all the times you are bored! Killzone 3: Well, it is basically the play station version of Halo. It has some great mechanism and of course the entire setting remains with that of guns and jet packs and all the shizz! In case your TV is compatible with the game, well, the semi 3D visuals will blow you away!

  • BioShock 2: for all those who are looking for a game that has a good narration, this is the ultimate game. It continues to be set underwater in a world called Rapture. It continues to mesmerize both the old players as well as the new ones!
  • Starhawk: It isn’t an FPS game. But, it is a kind which definitely does resemble Halo and its sci-fi narration continues to be one of the attractions of the game.
  • Battlefield 3: it is a very simple game, and is basically for the beginners. It has a modern setting and appeals the players at its best!

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Wrap Up

Halo download is really a very simple thing to do and even a school boy can do this task under 10 minutes. If you are like me and interested in playing Halo Online, then I am sure that this article has helped you tremendously. Halo for PC is indeed a must-play game for all. Keep playing!!!

Halo for PC: Download Halo Online for Free
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