Hay Day for PC : Download for Windows and Mac

Download Hay Day for PC: “Best. Farm. Ever”. This is how Hay Day describes itself in the app description. Not away from reality either. You can spend hours over this game and not get bored for a second. The game is forever giving you new challenges to aim at. It’s probably endless, with new content being added every moment, ready to be explored by you. The game has managed to raise so many eyebrows that the term “Hay Day for PC” eventually got quite famous in the webosphere.

Hay Day for PC

I know what you’re thinking. “another FarmVille reboot.” Nope! Hay Day is not just any app cashingin on the exoticism of the life of a farmhand through virtual media. Hay Day one ups FarmVille in so many ways that we’d all be boggled.

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How? That warrants a whole new subheading. So before jumping on the tutorial on how to run Hay Day on PC (Windows or Mac) let us focus on its core features against the mighty Farmville. Read on.

So, better than FarmVille? Hay Day Features:

Yep. Hay Day is better than any other virtual farming game we’ve come across till date. So much that we had to look up their features and compare all of them for your pleasure. Here’s how we believe Hay Day (Wiki Page) trumps those games.

  • Hay Day has the best graphics. Not too much detail that can potentially become excessive and useless, and not too little to appear like vaguely colored blips on the screen when zoomed out.
  • The music is more relaxed and feels more authentic, less repetitive or loopy than FarmVille.
  • The scale by which the app lets you expand the game in the first few levels itself can make you excited.
  • There are side details in the game other than farming and poultry rearing; you can make food, trade and do other awesome stuff. It unlocks with lesser effort as compared to other games, which gives you more area to focus attention on. So you’re never left with a boring moment while playing.
  • Apart from these awesome features, Hay Day lets you farm, trade, cook and help around others’ farms like any other app. But these side details make it so much cooler.

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These features are indeed quite awesome and that’s why this game is increasing its popularity and demand with each passing seconds. But now the main question is how can anyone download and play Hay Day for PC running on Windows 10/8.1/7 or even Mac OS. How do I get Hay Day on my PC? let’s get started

Hay Day For PC: 3 Simple Steps

Hay Day is a fairly popular game. It has over 100 million downloads over Google’s Play Store alone. You can imagine how many people are playing this game right now worldwide. How do you get it? Simple! If you have an Android smartphone, All you need to do is jump to your Play Store Application, or go visit www.play.google.com and search for Hay Day via the search bar. You’ll see the app in the search results from where you can download it. If you have an iPhone or Apple device, you can tap the App Store and search for the app there, or visit www.itunes.apple.com.

Windows users will have to take a longer route though. There is a 3 step process you need to follow to get Hay Day for Windows PC. Here’s what you gotta do to download Hay Day for PC:

  • Download Bluestacks

BlueStacks is your friendly neighborhood Android emulator. Almost every geek knows of it. The app allows you to play Android applications which cannot run on Windows to play seamlessly on it. As a result, you have a great deal of options for every sort of app from the Play Store when the Windows Store’s app just won’t do. You can get it from www.bluestacks.com

  • Install Bluestacks and log in

BlueStacks requires you to log in to it using a Google account. The Google login is necessary because the Play Store only lets a device download its apk files when it gets to register a gmail account. this helps prevent app companies from faking their download numbers or spam in the comments. Don’t worry, it is harmless.

  • Download Hay Day on PC and enjoy

Hay Day can be found like any other app through the search bar. The app will download like any other app does on an android device. You can access it anytime and enjoy hours of harvesting grain and fruit and trading with your neighbours.

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What’s the final 411?

Hay Day for PC is a pretty decent app that can really make your boring day buzz with excitement. The addictive gameplay and the supple social element involved makes for some great entertainment. Playing Hay Day on a Windows PC makes it even better, since you don’t hae to crane your neck or stoop into your chair. The game’s right in front of you, quick as ever, entertaining as ever, and everything ready at your mouse’s command.

Hay Day for PC : Download for Windows and Mac
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