Best Alternatives for iPhoto for PC

iPhoto is an app from Apple. And I believe that credential is enough to express that it is top of the line. Apple has had the most amazing apps inbuilt, and iPhoto continues the tradition of application excellency.


Being a part of iLife, which centres on the media part of the Apple experience, iPhoto has been discontinued as a separate distinct app from Mac, and now comes bundled with Photos. But hey, you can still give it love on iPhones or iPads. You can download iPhoto for PC if you have OS X or Mac operating system.

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Amazing iPhoto features:

Before we get to the technical part, let’s see what lovely features iPhoto has.

  • You can click and import pictures from any camera or storage device
  • iPhoto will recognise almost any image format, including raw formats
  • Editing is easier, and makes your pics look more smart than on any other inbuilt app
  • Sharing is unbelievably simple. iCloud and iMessage apart, you can Facebook, Tweet or email the pics you take. You can even post it to Flickr or make slideshows.
  • iPhoto automatically groups your photos according to the time you took them, so they all appear together.
  • It recognises faces, and you can look at photos according to which friend is in them.

With so many crazy fabulous features, it is no wonder people want it on their devices. Having Apple apps is not just cool, it is a near guarantee of most satisfaction with common and uncommon utilities.

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Update: 11 March 2016

iPhoto for PC is set to resume photo editing features from earlier versions. The features rolling in with iOS 10 and OSX 10.12 are poised to restore features the previous app versions carried. Brush correction, selectively adjusting the brightness, flaging pictures and more features are set to return, from what is being reported. iPhoto is also set to become more close on the iOS and Mac interfaces, which is being seen as a welcome respite, because now users won’t have to navigate through different options and designs to get the same feature to work the way they like. More information is to follow.

Download iPhoto for Windows PC

So, how can you get it for your Windows PC?

Unfortunately, you can’t. There is no method to install and run the app on either Windows 7, 8 or XP. It sucks, I know. Fortunately, there are some apps which come quite close to the target. They even surpass iPhoto on some aspects. Read on to know more.

What else, if not iPhoto? iPhoto Alternatives:


iPhoto is great. But in a situation where it cannot run on your device, here are some easy alternatives:

  1. Picasa by Google

In case you didn’t know before, there is a pretty snazzy app by Google called Picasa, which gives superior editing features. Plus it’s free! Read on to know what it offers.

  • Tracking and importing like a breeze.
  • Lots of editing features, including red eye reduction, color tweaking and other enhancements.
  • It can read most file formats, including lots of raw formats.
  • Crop, reduce file size, prepare image for printing, tag and put facial recognition like a boss.
  • Geotagging and Backups of original pictures make it a superior choice.
  • Did I mention it is FREE!

You may get Picasa at Or just Google it.

  1. Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner is a decent alternative for iPhoto, though it may not have as many features as Picasa. Zoner is decent in the sense that it gets most of the job done at a fairly good rate. The interface is sophisticated yet has a nerdy feel to it, which is a winning combo, if you ask me.

Here are some features Zoner Photo Studio offers:

  • Zoner’s window is easy to work on, owing to the dark background which makes photo viewing and editing easier and more effective
  • Different “modules” for different tasks makes it easier to follow for beginners and less stressful for pros
  • Assigns Metadata from the user, including keywords, titles, tags, ratings and GPS data.
  • Easier to browse, search and compare photos.

The editing features are not as great as the previous two. The software also does not support all cameras on its own at all times. It sucks to download additional stuff to let those cameras be recognised. Coming with a moderately high price tag, it isn’t a bad option for newbies or those wanting to tweak photos for fun. Find it here:

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  1. Photoscape

Photoscape is a software I’ve known quite some pros to use. It is also used by non-serious photo editing aficionados. It’s free, plus with so many additional stuff it can do, you’re sure to be swept off your feet.

  • Quite a lot of editing features make it useful in many ways.
  • Collages have never been more easy to make
  • It can make GIFs, for you tumblr lovers.
  • Look up faces on the internet with Face Search
  • Edit photos as well as their data in batches to save time.

For a free software this takes the cake after Picasa. And it is quite the looker too. You can find Photoscape on

So, just because Apple decided to be a bit hoity toity and not let its apps run on other OS, doesn’t mean you can’t have awesome editing options to make your pictures look better than every run of the mill camera.

Best Alternatives for iPhoto for PC
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