KakaoTalk for PC Free Download: Windows and Mac

KakaoTalk is an upcoming messaging app that has been gaining popularity in the past some time. So we think that many of our beloved readers are thinking to get KakaoTalk for PC in quick easy way. So here we are with the ready made solution at our blog right here right now.

KakaoTalk for PC

Kakao Corp’s suite of social and multimedia apps have gained quite some attention from people around the world. KakaoTalk is easy to use and has a lot more customization options than many other popular messaging apps. Let’s go over them bit by bit in phases and get to know about the best KakaoTalk features first in just few minutes. So before downloading/installing KakaoTalk app for PC give here few minutes from your busy schedule to get to know about more n more details.

KakaoTalk’s Best Features

KakaoTalk may not have some utterly unique or unheard of features before, like most other apps of the category. But the details of features available in most fields of the app are truly unique and quite competitive. Here’s some of those features of KakaoTalk.

  • Kakao has high quality voice calls, which can operate with more than one person!
  • Your group chats can now have an unlimited number of participants.
  • It works seamlessly on Android Wear and Apple Watch.
  • Works on web browsers and mobile devices alike
  • Sharing sensitive stuff is easier and safer with Secret Chat.
  • You can even set reminders and create events on the same app.
  • It’s FREE!!

There’s got to be a competitive edge to an app when the reviews are good and the app is available for free. The same features come at a price in most other apps. This is not just a good deal. It’s probably as good as the deal gets. So, now it’s easily understandable that using KakaoTalk on Windows PC or Mac is going  to be a serious trend very soon for sure.

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How to Download KakaoTalk for Mac?

Now, if you’re anything like me, I know you’re itching to get this app into your Mac to have fun using it to bug your friends and family. Here’s how you can get KakaoTalk for Mac.

Step 1. Look in iTunes.

Step 2. Find KakaoTalk and install it.

That’s literally it, you folks! KakaoTalk is available for free on iTunes. You can choose to opt for in app purchases to get some cool stickers and stuff inside, but other than that, it’s a free app! This means KakaoTalk for Mac is actually possible if you follow expert advice of our team. Thanks !

What if you have a Windows PC?

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Install KakaoTalk for PC

Getting right to the steps to download KakaoTalk for Computer,

Step 1. Look up the store

Step 2. Download the free app.

Yep, right again! KakaoTalk is free on windows too. Not only for Mac and Windows, KakaoTalk is free for Android, Blackberry, Bada and even Asha!

You may also find KakaoTalk on http://www.kakao.com/talk.

Alternatives to KakaoTalk App

KakaoTalk may not cut it for some of us. So what other fab apps do we have at our disposal? More importantly, which ones are the good ones out of those? Here’s the 411.

  1. Whatsapp

You know this was going to be on this list. Whatsapp’s popularity arguably surpasses that of any other app. Why is it so immensely popular? Have a look at the features below, and I’m sure you’ll see.

  • Whatsapp is customisable, not only your profile picture and status, but also the privacy settings, chat background, notification settings; you name it.
  • Having been in the market for so long, it is well established. People are required to have a Whatsapp to socialise. Any other app cannot claim as much popularity as Whatsapp, especially in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Whatsapp is crisp and concise, with enough options to suit almost every user’s needs
  • With an annual fee, no extra charge and absolutely no advertising, Whatsapp feels far more authentic than any other app which flashes ads based on cookie data.

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  1. Telegram

I had heard of Telegram only through word of mouth. It is basically Whatsapp, but so much better in so many ways! Read on to find how it goes a notch higher.

  • Telegram has a better security setting. You have secret chats, which are far more secure to send sensitive data which may be undesirable in someone else’s hand. You can rest assured it will get erased on its own in a time set by you. You don’t have to rely solely on the person’s projected image of honesty and integrity, which can be handy when dealing with sticky situations.
  • Telegram can be used on the laptop, even if your phone is not connected to the internet. Beat that, Whatsapp!
  • Telegram is 100% free!!

You may find telegram at https://telegram.org.

  1. Skype

Yep. The tried and tested Skype is a great option, especially if you have a killer front camera on your phone or laptop. Not particularly known for chatting via messages, there’s other benefits to Skype, which are:

  • Skype is tried and tested since years now. Plus almost every desktop and Windows laptop owner perhaps has it.
  • Skype’s been a standard application to have in store for corporate style meetings online, as well as casual friendly conversations.

So, yeah. Have fun enjoying KakaoTalk on your devices. Or an app out of the above 3, if you choose to install them.


So we are feeling very happy that we manage to help you to get KakaoTalk for PC and Mac OS without any issue. If you are still having issue while downloading the KakaoTalk on your Windows PC system, then please let us in comment.

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