Game Mod- All that you need to know and may seem similar to the people who play both the games. Both the games have similarity in the way they are played and thus both are equally popular among the current generation of users who play online games.  The features that Limax provides to its players are similar to the ones that is providing to its users. Since Limax is a popular game, it is gameessential that users should be provided with some information regarding the game.

Being a popular game, Limax is played by thousands of people worldwide. The game contains a number of aspects called mod which is essential for the people to know.


Tactics about the

  • Before attacking, the player should try to eat all foods nearby
  • Avoid running too much as it may cause decrease in the size
  • Indulging with the bigger ones will help in killing them
  • Being in a crowd helps. This is because when everyone around kills each other the player will be able to grab all the food
  • Having a friend will be of great help. It may be one’s own friend or creating a friend during the process of the game. This will help the players in protecting themselves.
  • Stay away from touching the corners. Once touched, its game over!

How to play mod

The initial impression that a player will have about is that it’s an easy game where one gets bigger gradually. However, it is not so. It requires good skill to learn the game and grab the expertise for every session of the game.

  • Before starting the game, it is important that the player gives an interesting nickname so that the rivals get attracted towards him.
  • To increase the speed of the game,keep on clicking.
  • Avoid touching the traps laid by the opponents.
  •  The Mouse should be held tightly as once that the ‘play’ button is clicked, you are moved to a moving screen. Though the slug stays in center, the screen moves opposite to the cursor’s directing creating an impression that the slug is following the cursor.
  • Keep moving the slug to collect the Orbs which are scattered all over the screen. The more orbs you eat, the more points you get gaining weight gradually.
  • Once you reach the stage where you have earned 30 points to your credit, release slime behind by clicking left on your mouse. Slime will help in killing your opponents once they hit it. This will also increase the speed for your game for a certain period of time.
  • While moving and roaming around the screen your slug will come in contact with the rivals. Passing next to them is safe but once touched, the game is over for you.
  • Using too much of left button can cost you losing all the precious points that you have earned till now. With each slime a player loses 10 valuable points.
  • Once a slug is killed by you, turn around immediately and collect the points that are scattered all around.
  • Avoid coming in contact with the corners. Once you touch the corners, you get finished and its game over for you!’s Knowledge base has its own library through which players can get to know about many aspects of the game. For any information that a person requires about, its library should be consulted.

If the solution is still not found, visit the FAQ section also known as Frequently Asked Questions section. For all the problems unsolved, this section will suffice. Mod

Recently, has provided its people with a new updated version which it has launched with many new exciting features. These features are surely expected to keep its fans glued on. The new features are:

  • Ability to Zoom In and Zoom Out by scrolling the mouse up and down
  • Provision of minimap to know about the player’s current position
  • The interesting nickname that you provide at the beginning of a game can now be saved for future reference Game Mod- All that you need to know
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