KIK Online Login / SignIn – No Download Method (Updated)

If you have landed on this article, you want to login KIK online without downloading it on your PC! Is that right?

Don’t worry! Just read up for the quick solution.

PS: I have personally tested this method & it works like a charm.

Kik Messenger Online login

Why “KIK Online”?

Most of us will get annoyed typing long messages on our smartphones. Especially if you got a good typing skills on your laptop, you would just like to send messages to your dear ones online from your Desktop, or PC! In that case, the facility of logging into Kik online will prove fruitful to us.

Cutting the Crap – How to Login / Sign-in Kik Online?

Well there are may emulators which let you do so! “Manymo” is my favorite one as it lets the user run any android app online without downloading it on PC. Wow, isn’t that awesome? Pretty much!!

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Accessing Kik Online – The ManyMo Way!! 


Manymo Android emulator

1. First off, you need KIK messenger’s APK file. APK file is used as an alternative when we want to run android apps on any other device (or online). So just go to Google Play Store, Search “KIK” & get its APK file.

2. Now go to Manymo, create an account. The best thing about is you can get the free trial of the emulator without even giving them your Credit Card details (& even after the free trial, it’s just $9/month for up to 100 emulator launches online, one at a time)

3. Now go “Launch Emulators” page of Manymo and select the resolution that fits in closely with your device size (PC, Laptop, or tablet) !!

4. Upload the KIK APK file which you just downloaded and start sending messages to your friends online.

Wasn’t it a quick & effective solution?

“If opportunity doesn’t knock your door, just build the door” – Milton Berle 

If you still find it hectic to read above tutorial and follow the steps, just check out this silent video on How to Login Kik Online :)

Update: 23 December 2015

According to a latest update by Recode, the app has acquired Blynk – another fashion app with its own chat bots. 5 top guns from Blynk will join KIK Online and this will give a boost to the number of automatic chat bots Kik can create in 2016. The CEO mentioned: they want to dive more into the fashion part of messaging and there is a feature in app which lets people select their dresses for special occasions, which will get a specific boost as well.

Update: 14 December 2016

MediaBrix, an online advertisement company has recently partnered with the KIK messenger app and they have planned to bring an awesome exchange between users and the company who sell ads. Users have to watch ads and in return, they will get in-app currency called as KIK points with which they can buy smileys and emojis for further intensifying their emotions on chats with friends. This comes as KIK did not want to play with user experience and thus the MediaBrix company suggested a new way to them, wherein it’s like an exchange of favors.

Update: 20 January 2016

The Washington post has started adding their own quizzes and light-hearted games which are added to the promoted chats in KIK, aimed at providing a better experience to users. This comes as a great comeback for KIK online app, as WhatsApp had been attracting most of the big names to advertise on its platform for a long time. The messenger mostly has a young userbase from America and such trends are a confidence booster for the company.

Update: 10 March 2016

Kik is all set to employ chat bots to serve as assistants to the user. The app is also toying with the idea of using bots as ad spaces for prospective clients. The messenger has over 275 million users, and that is a considerable space for people who want to generate an audience or fan following for their own products or services. Its demographic is mostly millennials, most of who utilize some ad blocking service. Kik for PC hopes to navigate around that fence and cater the space for prospective clients.

Features of KIK Messenger

KIK is an incredible application for sharing moments with friends and family. It has become the perfect alternative to email and text because of its premium features.

Check its salient characteristics here:

  1. Open Source App: KIK Messenger is an open source application. You don’t need to spend a single penny to use it. You can share and send unlimited messages for free.
  2. Invitation To Chat: To have a chat with family and friends, you just need to send them invitation using KIK. The best part, you can send the invitation to anyone around the globe.
  3. Web Surfing Within App: The unique thing about KIK is web browsing within the application. No more hassle of switching between apps!
  4. Group Chat: Sending a single message to different people is an irritating process. Now save your time and have a group chat with KIK messenger. You can create groups and add different people in the groups to share the same message.
  5. Social Integration: Using this application, you are allowed to connect with social platforms like Viddy, Social Cam and Instagram. This way, you can share your photos and videos on various social platforms.
  6. Instant Notifications: You receive notifications whenever the message is delivered and read by the recipient in KIK.

If you still have any doubts or you want to share your experience of Login Kik ONLINE, drop your thoughts in comments below.

KIK Online Login / SignIn – No Download Method (Updated)
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