Mobogenie for PC: Free App Download for Windows 7,8,10

Mobogenie is the one app that has revolutionised the world of mobile technology. It is one of the first few alternative Android app markets, and the extra experience has also taken the app the extra mile. Mobogenie is far superior to most other apps of the same genre available. The apps and games are made promptly available. Plus there is a host of other content one may enjoy, including video content curated by a dedicated team, ringtones, and music and other amazing things. The app will also let you manage your mobile phone from your PC, including sending texts to one or more people. And if this wasn’t enough to win your heart, Mobogenie for PC also doubles up as an Android Emulator on its own!

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mobogenie for pc - free download app windows 7 8 10

Mobogenie: A feature analysis

Mobogenie is so loaded with features, we could write an entire series on them. But let’s keep it short and sweet. Anyone would be overwhelmed looking at what all Mobogenie offers in return of the small space it seeks to occupy on your device.

  1. The biggest feature Mobogenie is known for is the app downloading platform feature. If you don’t want to get the apps you want from Play Store, then Mobogenie almost always has the apps ready for you to download and relish. Can’t find an app? Mobogenie has you coverd in that situation too! Probably the best is when you don’t want Google to keep certain information about your apps, or associate your Google account with an app you’re not comfortable with putting out in public. Download them from Mobogenie and none of your sensitive information will ever be on Google in the scope of prying eyes of hackers.
  2. Mobogenie lets you download and browse video content online! This video content is curated especially for Mobogenie users by expert editors from the team. This means you no longer will have to scroll through pages upon pages of content to get to the videos that are gaining the most eyeballs. This saves you time and effort and still keeps you 100% up to date.
  3. This amazing app will double up as an Android Emulator for your PC. Once you have this app, you needn’t install Andy or BlueStacks or other heavy apps that can make for unsavoury desktops and slow processing speeds. What this additionally means is that if you have an apk file on your PC, you can run it on your PC, regardless of where you downloaded it from. This is especially helpful when Mobogenie does not (on the rare occasion) does not host the apk itself.
  4. Mobogenie is unique in that it will let you access your phone in new ways. You are enabled to send messages remotely, create backups for your data, and also root your phone to weed out all stock apps that plague your memory. This takes your smartphone’s utility to new heights, while ensuring your data is always protected and backed up, in case something untoward occurs.

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Mobogenie: How to get it for PC:

Now you must be thinking about how you can get this application on your device, right? Well, first of all, if you want it for your Android Phone, you may simply Google it. The app is available on quite a few platforms as an apk file. It is best that you download it directly on your smartphone, though you can easily get it via your PC too.

If you have a PC, then you couldn’t have accessed some earlier versions of the app. However, it is confirmed that the latest version does indeed work on the latest Windows Operating systems, including 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

The app will have to be downloaded as an apk off the internet. The official site ( has a section for PC users too, and offers the download link quite prominently. If for some reason that doesn’t work, you may Google search and find alternate sources of downloads.

Mobogenie not cutting it? Mobogenie Alternatives:

Mobogenie is amazing. But it isn’t necessarily perfect. And so people might want to look for other alternatives. Honestly, I don’t think any app could come close to the standard Mobogenie has set. But still, we recommend Vidmate. Vidmate is dedicated more to videos than to apps. But it is still very well curated and can in several aspects compete with Mobogenie.

Mobogenie: The Verdict

Not that there can be any other verdict, but Mobogenie really enthrals and amazes you. You can tell that the app has been painstakingly designed and arranged to fit the needs of the users. The features are exhaustive and give the app an appeal like no other. In fact, once you begin using the app, it becomes as essential as Facebook or WhatsApp on your device to you.

Mobogenie for PC: Free App Download for Windows 7,8,10
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