Movie Box : Best Free Movie Streaming App for iOS Devices

Movie Box app, one of the best free movie streaming apps mainly for the Apple iOS devices which has revolutionized the movie watching experience on all the iOS powered devices to a considerable extent. Moviebox is already one of the top grossing applications of 2015, and it is expected to grow even more in the upcoming months.

We are leaving in the era of freebies, and we tend to get attracted to the things which offer free services to us. The developers of the Movie Box app rightfully used this propensity of the human beings while building and promoting this free movie streaming app.

Movie Box App

What is Movie Box?

Movie box is a free online video on demand app which is available on Cydia, jailbroken iOS Apple devices such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad with iOS 5 or higher.  Moviebox basically lets you download and stream movies and TV shows for free whereas apps like Hulu, Netflix and Redbox charge for similar service. Movie Box is a must have app for the movie lovers and TV addicts.

Watch thousands of HD movies and TV shows and all the latest movie trailers for free with this single app in your device on the go without a glitch!

The interface of the app is simple and is easy to use. Search results are sorted based on genre, year and rating which give about desired results which is very helpful and time saving feature. Here we will be listing some of the best features of the Movie Box app.

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Free Movie Streaming

Movie Box is compatible with AirPlay. Movie Box lets you download and stream TV shows and movies up to 720p for free! However streaming videos at 480p is advised because of the unexpected freezing of the app while streaming videos at higher resolutions.

Free Download on Moviebox App

Downloading TV shows and movies on Movie Box is simple and efficient. Although the app can’t be used to download more than one movie at once since the next movie will start downloading only after the completion of the previous one, that means users have to wait for a couple of hours depending on the speed of your network or WiFi. Movie Box allows users to use other applications with the progressing download in background.

 The movies are in .mp4 format and can be reached in this directory


Movie Box Issues Regarding Interface (Solution Included)

Two major annoying issues about the interface of the app include the ads at the bottom of the screen and some unexpected freezes while watching videos at 720p. Fortunately these issues are amenable. If you have Flex installed, you can download Movie Box patch that will remove the ads which provides an add free experience which is much more sleek and user friendly. Closing all the other apps and restarting the app is recommended to solve the freezing problem and user can have a glitch free experience. Sometimes the background download will pause which can be resumed again by pressing play again. Make sure the download is progressing in suitable intervals of time to avoid any problem.

Advantages Over The Other Video On Demand Apps

Some movies and TV shows are even made available before their official purchased release date on Movie Box app. Movies like ‘Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Django’ are such examples, which were available on Movie Box app when they were released for retail sale. And TV shows like ‘Top Gear’ had new episodes available on Movie Box, before they were out in America!

Some Handy things Regarding The App

If the volume is not satisfactory of the downloaded movie through Movie Box then user can change it to  suitable volume level in iTunes.

You may download Movie Box app on your iPhone but I wouldn’t recommend it because of the poor performance and stopping of videos briefly after the beginning, on Wifi at 480p. The experience on iPad is much more enjoyable. Currently Moviebox for PC is not officially available, but considering its growing popularity you may expect that soon moviebox for Android and Windows will be introduced.

The content is regularly updated with new TV shows and movies and it is a pretty useful application if  you fancy watching TV shows and movies on the go, sometimes even before their release!

Also consider Showbox and Popcorn, alternative for Movie Box, among the best online video on demand apps.

Your comments and queries are most welcome, please leave them in the comment box below, I will try to answer them as soon as possible. And please do share this article in your circle and friends whom movies allure.

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