MX player for PC, Laptop (Windows 7/8/8.1,XP) & Mac

MX player for PC has been my one stop solution for all my video watching. I have personally never been so enamored by a video software before. The intuitive ease of the software makes it such a pleasure to use. You can zoom with a pinch, increase volume with a slide, skip forward and back with simple hand gestures. No need for your hand to be in a particular bar or spot to pick up the tab cursors or buttons! Perfect for when you want to snuggle up in your blankets and watch your favorite movies, coz you don’t need to take out both arms when only your thumb will suffice. Here in this tutorial about MX player features and procedure to download MX player for Windows 8.

MX Player for PC, Laptop, Windows 7 8 8.1 XP

MX player what? MX Player features:

MX player is pretty decent in all regards. In fact it is the best option available among many categories. Want to know how? Read on:

  • MX player has a simple line cursor which is invisible for all accounts. No pesky button cursors interfering with the video.
  • All you need to do to control the video is to swipe or pinch the screen. The volume, brightness and zoom are a breeze to change.
  • MX player comes with a lock screen feature. Stray touches will no longer bring up the whole plethora of toggles and tools.
  • MX player supports subtitles! It even supports different colors in subtitles, as well as positioning them according to your ease!

All these features really have me swearing by the app as the best way to experience my movies, music videos and TV episodes.

Want it for your device? read how to get it.

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Gimme gimme gimme! MX Player for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1 – Laptop

MX player is an Android and iOS app. That makes it really easy to find if you own an iPhone or Android smartphone. Just visit your Play Store or App Store and look for the app. Alternatively, you can go to (if you use an Android) or (if you use an Apple device) to download the app for free!

If however you have a Windows PC like us and need to get MX Player for PC, it takes a little more than that. You need to use an Emulator to run an Android interface on your Windows. Don’t worry; it isn’t space tech, even though it might sound like something Captain Kirk would use. An emulator is a software that mimics Android interface. This allows your apps to run in the software they were built for, which is itself running in the software your device has. Don’t get confused. Here is what you need to do to play your movies via the awesome MX Player in Windows PC.

  1. Download an Emulator

People generally use Bluestacks, Manymo and Andy. We’ll be talking about Bluestacks because it is arguably the most popular and best reviewed among these three. You can get it at The website has the download button splashed around pretty liberally, so it should take you no time to get your download started.

  1. Install BlueStacks and Log in

Bluestacks is quick to install in your computer. The actual time may vary depending upon the specifications of your device. Once you are done, run the program and log in with a gmail account. If you don’t have a gmail, you can make one instantly following the instructions provided. Gmail login is essential because it lets your software to access the Play Store and download the apps. It won’t work otherwise.

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  1. Look up MX Player and install it

Just like any other android interface, the Play Store in BlueStacks looks pretty much standard. Looking up MX player shouldn’t be a problem. Press download and you’re good to go as soon as it’s done.

Enjoy watching your videos and TV episodes in an impeccable interface.

What’s the final word?

MX player is undeniably one of the best options available among video players. What more could one want knowing you can now use it on your PC too. The sheer ease of it is beyond wonderful. The volume, brightness and a million other customizations can be toggled using just your fingers. It is not just for touch screens though. Using it on a mouse driven interface leaves people similarly addicted to it. It is quite the rival to VLC player or KMP.

We hope you liked our tutorial on downloading MX Player for PC, leave your comments if you have any questions!

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