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For those who breathe and live music, Founded in 2002, Shazam is the ultimate boon the technical world can bestow upon them. If music is constantly resonating in your ears, you are constantly reminiscing on its bounty, but forgetfulness is your constant companion, then Shazam is the perfect application for you. It is usable on Windows as well as Mac. For most cases, the download is free. It has over two million downloads on play store. This music identifying app is much demanded on pc. Unfortunately, there is no official statement from Shazam CEO, “Rich Riley“. Don’t worry, Shazam for PC is still possible, just keep on reading.


Sometimes a certain track once heard constantly plays in your mind and you feel yourself to be at total loss on not being able to figure out who is the singer or the name of the song or the album or film it is form. That feeling leaves you in a state of utter restlessness. To alleviate you from this ordeal, Shazam, the music app comes with provisions that will help you to discern the name of the song and all its relevant details within very short time. Even though there are lots of programs like Shazam for PC but none has been as popular as shazam.


Just a click and you are furnished with all the necessary information you require about a song. This app actually prevents a lot of beautiful songs from getting lost and also relieves you of the tedium of slogging and searching for hours on Google and Youtube typing mere words you can recall from the song. It has been also referred as the music genius, which not only helps us to recall new songs but also learn up new songs.

Starting off in 2002, till date Shazam in its database contains as much as 11 million tracks, and has songs that date back to the golden times of the 1950s. If you want to amplify your musical knowledge, Shazam is just the right thing for you. The Shazam database will never fail to meet your query owing to the magnanimous number of songs it holds in its database. It has separate databases for songs as well as artists.

But the best thing about Shazam is that it is not just an app limited to your phones. It can be downloaded on your PCs as well. It will yield the same authentic results there as well. But there are complains that there are 50 percent chances that the app will return back to you with the correct songs. But there is no harm in giving it a try, because it is better than getting a coveted song lost from your head. Shazam also enables you to share the song with your friends.


Shazam is coming up with many more features for music lovers. One recent feature is the addition of profile follow where you can follow the profiles of your favorite singers and musicians to know what songs are they listening to. The company is slowly bringing up such changes to lure more and more customers, which is why more and more music lovers are falling in love them. Keep reading the tutorial to know how you can enjoy such features and get the app Shazam for Computer. Read the full report here.

How does Shazam work?

The App works on certain basic features. First, it has a wonderful tagging feature . It allows you to trace songs based on tags. Secondly, it also has access to iTunes and other song downloading app, which enables you to download songs as soon as you have traced them on Shazam. It also has an important feature called the discovery feature, which helps you to explore different songs from different genres. Shazam opens a variety of songs for you to ponder upon. There is an additional youtube feature, which will aid you to view the video of the song, before anyone downloads it.


The encore version of the Shazam comes with more advanced features. The most user-friendly among them is the recommendation feature. It enlists a number of songs quite similar to the song you are tracing and listening to. Shazam mainly operates when you record the song for the App from outside. But the encore version makes it a great deal for the users.

There is a feature called the Spotify integration in it. It enables the user to download the songs from Spotify instead of recording it from the outside environment. Recordings from outside may not be very clear and that might lead to a truncated assessment. Spotify prevents this from happening. Once you load the song from Spotify, Shazam will give you all its details. Lastly the most astounding feature that the encore version has is the Lyric-play feature. It creates a sing along environment for your songs. It gives you the ideal option to avail impromptu karaoke with your friends.

Downloading and Installing Shazam on Windows (8.1./7/Xp) Computers

Shazam is downloadable for Windows and works fine with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and XP. It is easily available on Google play, Amazon App store and other App Stores as well. It is available for free in every major platform. The download procedure is really easy.

To download Shazam for PC, there is a need to run the emulator. Steps are:

  • There are many emulators available online to choose from among which Youwave is the most used one. It can be downloaded from its official site.
  • For installing it, go to the menu of the Youwave emulator.
  • In the menu, click the first option that says Browser and type the name of the platform you want to download it from for example Google play.
  • You need to login with your username and password. Search for Shazam, and once you get it click the install button.
  • After the installation process is completed, Shazam for PC is ready to be used. You will see a big Shazam icon with a blue background, with the word touch to Shazam on the top.
  • Once the icon is clicked, the app will be in its absorbing mode ready to capture outside songs and trace them.

How to Download Shazam for MAC

Shazam can be downloaded on your Mac as well. It is readily available in the Mac App store. When Shazam is downloaded on your Mac , it gives you the benefit to activate the app’s auto function o identify surrounding music which is inclusive of every kind of vicinal music, TV shows , TV ads. There might be problems if the song is sung by an individual. The good news is, that it is officially available for MAC.

Shazam for Mac works perfectly passively, but gets active as soon as it finds a song, show or ad, creating a nice playlist for you as it progresses. Mac users without expending much effort can find it, share it, buy it or even get it for free. It also gives you the instantaneous access to lyrics and more tracks of the artist you just traced. It is the perfect musical expert for your Mac at par with the other credible features it possesses.

We hope you can easily get Shazam for PC now after this tutorial.

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Get Shazam for PC, the Ultimate Song Identifing App
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