Snapchat Login Online: Send Text & Photos Free (Updated)

If you are in doubt that snapchat is an hook up app then you are mistaken. We know you are here to access a web based method to Login Snapchat Online, and in this article you will exactly find what you are looking for.

We don’t like to add fluff to your world, hence let us come to the point.

Note: I am a die-hard fan of Snapchat myself and tested the below mentioned method successfully. So just read on and get the Snapchat online login guide bang on.

Snapchat online

There are two ways of logging into Snapchat (yes, without downloading any software or file on your Laptop or PC).

Login Snapchat Online – Method 1

Snapchat online login from official site

With help of Snapchat website. Go to their site, login with your username & password and done!!

Disclaimer: This method has some ambiguities like you can’t send or receive messages or pics using it. You can only manage your account, change username / password & other details.

So just jump on to Method 2, if you want to access whole set of Snapchat features.

Login Snapchat Online – Method 2

Snapchat login online with Manymo android emulator

This is the most accepted method and the one which I personally use. We have named this method “Accessing Snapchat Online via Manymo”. 

As you might know that Manymo is an Online Android Emulator. The process to login snapchat app online is just like login kik online.

  1. Just Sign Up for Google Play Store and download the snapchat. You’ll get an .apk file. Save it to your computer.
  2. Go to and sign up. You can use any version paid or free. It’s advisable to not to go for the paid version until you are familiar with the emulator.
  3. Now, Login in and launch it. Then browse the .apk file and upload it to Manymo. Choose the resolution most suitable to your device.
  4. That’s it. Now you can access Snap Chat Online.

Snapchat for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10

If you are comfortable downloading the app on your PC, and just operate it conveniently from your computer, here is the method.

Since Manymo is an online emulator, you need to have an offline emulator like Bluestacks or Andy! just get it from their official website (just need to sign up on the website and download the setup). Install the setup on your PC. Now go to Google play store and get the official .APK file of Snapchat. Once done, upload it into the emulator you just installed. (you can also directly choose Snapchat from emulator interface). Hence it is easy to use Snapchat on your PC Windows with this method

What You can do with SnapChat?

What can Snapchat do for you?

Snapchat is perfection! Sending your candid selfies taken when you’re feeling particularly photogenic (or hilariously non-photogenic) in the blink of an eye. Not having to worry about them ending on the internet. Unless someone learns how to take a snapshot in those 3 seconds. But it’s fun.

Snapchat login easily turns into a daily ritual for any young adult. You can send a selfie or a video to a host of friends, without having to forward the selfie repeatedly for one contact or another. After the selfie has been seen, it is erased from the server. This means your candid weird selfies will no longer be vulnerable of ending up on the internet, and it also saves your time from searching how to delete snapchat over the web.

So you can pout at your screen all you want. And if you’re being overloaded with snaps from friends, you can simply tap the screen and skip a snap, and go through their story quickly. Don’t do it in front of the friend though. Apparently it is rude to do so. I can attest after having lost a girlfriend, haha.

Update: 23 December, 2015

Craze of Snapchat in North America is sky-high. It falls on second rank after facebook in terms of popularity and overall usage, which is  tremendous feat for any app. The company’s top guns are getting serious about its advertisement, user experience and also coming up with time-to-time updates in features. The app also takes a good amount of internet data as it’s mainly used for sharing snaps and videos with others. Instagram and facebook are the biggest competitors of this selfie sharing magic.

Update: 14 January, 2016

In 2013, facebook tried to acquire Snapchat but it couldn’t. Now the selfie app plans to stand as a competitor to the ever growing social media platform, as Snapchat plans to bring interest-based ads for users using it on their computers, smartphones and desktops. In an interview given to Times, CEO of the company explained how their new features will let the advertisers know whether their ads were seen or not. As the ads industry is ever growing, the apps and big platforms with users are trying their best to bank in the opportunity and make their millions.

Update: 20 January, 2016

Snapchat has leased a big office space in Seatle, in the same building where Facebook started its city operations 5 years ago. The company has taken an office space sufficient for over 50 employees depending on configuration and plans to expand its engineering strengths as clear from the ads given by the company in news paper. They want to hire the best cream of the city; it’s clear from their advertisements and engineers in large numbers are also responding to the ads.

Update: 10 March, 2016

Facebook recently purchased Msqrd to challenge Snapchat’s monopoly on awesome selfie filters. Masquerade app was recently purchased by the social networking giant, kcikcstarting a face-off of sorts between the two extremely populr social sites. This is reported to have followed from Snapchat online buying Looksery to further strengthen its selfie filter game. Snap chat has been outplaying facebook in picture sharing and texting, owing to its simple design and dedicated utility to picture and video sharing, as opposed to Facebook’s more traditional text based utility.

So enjoy sending your crazy and awesome selfies to your friends with no hassle to download files on your PC.

Snapchat online gives you complete freedom to login Snapchat and access all the features easily.

If you still find any kind of problems with this method, comment under this post below and let us know.

Snapchat Login Online: Send Text & Photos Free (Updated)
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