Snapseed for PC: Download on PC and MAC

These days pictures seem to form a vital part of our lives. I mean I wonder there goes a single day for half the people without clicking at least one selfie, right? For all those kinds of people who are social addicts and also obsessed with pictures, Snapseed for PC will now come handy for all of you. However, wouldn’t it be great if we can actually access Snapseed on PC having Windows or Mac OS installed? Yes, indeed!!

Snapseed for PC

Editing pictures, and all those effects you need to upload them on your social networks, will now be easy with Snapseed. Customize them as an when you like to, and make those pretty pictures prettier! Snapseed has in store for you a range of features to let you do the editing. Go ahead with this all time photo application to make pictures even more fun!

Snapseed Features : Full List

When we talk about the features of this smartphone app Snapseed, then that will never end. But, to sum it for you, this has to be a must have for all.

  • First and foremost, the app has got an auto correct tool, which makes some adjustments in the picture all by its own. There are often times when you will be all happy with just this and won’t have to make any further changes on your selfies.
  • Then, you have options to add up filters in your images, just like all the so many apps. You have 13 of them to choose from. Sounds cool!
  • You can make improvisations over blurred images, and get them in focus. That will surely require some skills, however, you will learn as you proceed.
  • There is also scope for adjusting the angles to view the image from. Nothing fascinating, but a new feature for smartphone apps!
  • Borders are available to choose from. This one is beloved of all the girls!
  • Finally, you can share the images from Snapseed on social networking sites as well. Convenient enough? Most of the times that is why you edit pictures, so now, post them directly on your Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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How to Download Snapseed on MAC

You will need an emulator for downloading Snapseed on your MAC. Andyroid is the perfect emulator for Apple devices. Follow these steps and you will be all set to get Snapseed for MAC:

  • You begin with downloading and installing Andyroid (Get it Here).
  • Now you need to search for Snapseed on your emulator.
  • When you locate the app, download it and then install the same.
  • With this, you are all set to edit your pictures on Snapseed!

Easy as they have always been, now you can have all android apps on your device with just an emulator! Be it the Snapseed, or any of its like. An emulator is the answer to all.

Download Snapseed for PC (Windows 10/7/8.1/Xp)

Well, like I said this is basically a smartphone application, but with the help of emulators we can use the app Snapseed very easily on the PC and Laptops as well. Let us see how:

  • The first step is to download an emulator. Bluestacks (get here) is the ideal of all.
  • Once the emulator is downloaded, install it and launch it on your device.
  • Now you can look up for Snapseed in the search box, and then download it via this emulator, that is Bluestacks or the one which you have downloaded.
  • When done, all you need to do is install it on your device, and launch the app with the icon on your screen.

This was pretty fast to get Snapseed for PC, isn’t it? Like I have always said, there is nothing which is really hard if you have the correct kind of guidance for you. Now worries, thank me later! *winks*

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Best Snapseed Alternatives

There is always place for options right? After all, what is the best for me might not always be the best for you too. Hence, you can definitely do a little bit of research on alternatives to Snapseed. Fhotoroom and Fotor are two applications which can work out pretty well for an alternative to Snapseed, but they have their limitations. You will not find an exact replica of Snapseed in any application, the reverse will also hold no good. Hence, you need to choose from an application which suits your needs. Photo Grid is also a great app just like Snapseed to use on your PC’s! Photo Grid has gained a lot of popularity during the recent times, and feedback seem to be on the go, so this one is one personal recommendation along with Snapseed!

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Snapseed as a Smartphone application has received quite a lot of appreciations. However, it’s functioning on a PC might seem to appear a little clumsy to many. The User Interface can be quite complicated for those who are still trying to process the application. However, once you have started using the application, you will definitely fall in love with it. Once you are familiar with the UI, it is going to be cheese! Ever since the update, Snapseed has definitely become better than it was, but there is still a lot of improvement which is required. Overall, the application has more of pros than cons, and hence it is definitely a must try for all the pros at editing. Snapseed is no more restricted to just iPhones, and the most awesome part is that you can enjoy Snapseed on Windows 10/8.1 or any other versions for free using any good Android emulators.

Update: 11 March 2016

Snapseed for PC is being perceived as lacking in development even after its parent company Nik was acquired a while back by Google. The app was a category leader in many standards, but it still hasn’t been abe to challenge giants like Photoshop as much as xperts had hoped it would. With Picasa dead, Snapseed is the only good free option for users available on the internet. Aggressive development needs to be carried out.


The features have been a great tool for many people who find it a need to edit their pictures and add that personal touch element to their pictures. However, even for work, Snapseed has done quite well to serve for the basic needs as a photo editing application. So, if you have been searching for a photo editing application with some uniqueness and the perfect kind of results, Snapseed has to be your choice. However, not to forget, there is always scope for improvement!

This was all on Snapseed and how to get Snapseed for PC tutorial! It is time for some fun and pictures. So now, Click, Edit and upload! Happy clicking folks!

Snapseed for PC: Download on PC and MAC
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