TubeMate for PC Download – Windows 7,8,10, XP

TubeMate for PC: Are you looking for a YouTube Downloader? If Yes, TubeMate is your answer. Tubemate lets you watch and download movies, videos or TV shows directly to your PC. You can also download Tubemate app on your windows pc using bluestacks emulator.

YouTube is such a giant storehouse of content. You won’t be able to watch it all in a 100 years! With content increasing everyday, there’s so much you would want t be in track of, and so much you’d want to download and keep for posterity, right?

tubemate for pc

The giant storehouse of content is unfortunately not available for download. Or that is the official word. There’s a big chunk of apps that will let you download all the content you’d ever want to watch, and faster than you would imagine. TubeMate is one such app. And I daresay, it is the best app in the market.

What is TubeMate?

TubeMate is an app that has been around for quite a while now, and it has bettered itself over numerous updates. TubeMate App lets you download and watch content on your phone. It was initially dedicated to downloading content from YouTube, but it has now exceeded that goal and now lets you download videos from online video players like Dailymotion, Vimeo and JW Player among others. TubeMate is quick, well optimised and efficient like none other. And it stands apart in the crowd of other video downloaders like Vidmate and YTD.

Cool, what does it do? TubeMate features:

  • TubeMate is unique and user friendly. All of its many features will show you how TubeMate is the best app you would want.
  • TubeMate lets you download videos from a plethora of hosting services apart from YouTube, like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook and MetaCafe.
  • The application is quicker than every other service available for free online. This is mainly because the app breaks up the content data into four pieces of sub-files which it thenmerges after all of them are downloaded. This effectively multiplies the speed several times over!
  • TubeMate lets you browse content almost like your regular YouTube app. This means you can find linked content within the app, without having to copy paste a lot of links in browsers or note applications.
  • You’re prompted about new updates when they’re made available. This is helpful because itgives you the ability to enjoy newer features and lesser bugs should you choose to download it.
  • TubeMate is space friendly. Not only is it light itself, it even has partner apps that will allow you to store videos as only audios, which is great for music downloads.
  • We don’t blame you if you want to get this app immediately. Here’s the thing though. TubeMate only comes for Android. iOS folks will have to make do with slower apps like Vidmate. And Windows PC users can’t have it off the Store either.
  • Android users won’t find it on the Play Store either. They’ll need to Google Search for the app. You need to download the apk file and then run it to download the app. This is primarily why the developers added the feature of reminding about updates, because Google doesn’t host the apk on the Play Store and so it won’t be upgraded automatically.
  • Don’t have an Android? Too bad if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, because TubeMate doesn’t come for those platforms yet. However, if you’ve got a Mac or Windows PC, you just might be in luck!

TubeMate for PC – Windows and Mac:

Yep, You read it right. There’s a way you may run TubeMate on your device. Thanks to emulators, ofcourse! Let’s get right into it. Here’s what you need to do to get TubeMate for PC.

1. Download an Android Emulator

Android Emulators will run Android on your PC, in a window. This will let your Windows PC or Mac run any and every Android app. Any Emulator is cool, though we recommend Andy ( or BlueStacks ( to anyone looking for a free and efficient emulator to take care of business. I’d recommend Andy more, since it is usually faster of the two and isn’t that the point of the app we want to run?

2. Set up the emulator

The emulator requires you to log in via gmail. This is essential for the Android to work, and to download app files from the Play Store. You can also make a fresh gmail account via the interface itself, by following the instructions given in the app.

3. Download the apk file online

Google Search TubeMate, or visit You’ll find a good number of links to get the software from. Keep the file handy, so you don’t forget it. The desktop is usually a nice place to keep it.

4. “Open With” Emulator

Once your file is downloaded, right click it and select “Open With”. The Emulator should be visible in the list of applications. Click it and let the app install in the emulator. You will be notified when it is done.

5. Run the app and Enjoy

The app shall being to run when you execute it in the Emulator’s window. Select a video of your choice and liking, hit download and it will be in your hard drive in a short while!

TubeMate for PC Alternatives:

If your app is giving you trouble in a video or two, it could be that the video is not supported for download. However if your app is misbehaving, consider reinstalling it. If you want to try out other apps, you could go for Vidmate or ShowBox. Personal experience says these apps are considerably slower than TubeMate, and sometimes even frustrating to work with. But it could be a last resort.

TubeMate Verdict:

TubeMate is an amazing app. The speed is matched only by the superior design and ease of use. The downloads are just a swipe away, and you get to pick the configuration of your choice.using partner apps, you can convert video to audio, which can come in handy when you want to store music minus the bulky music videos. All in all, this is the app you can’t skip keeping in your phone.

TubeMate for PC Download – Windows 7,8,10, XP
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