Xender for PC: Download for Windows and Mac

Here we are in the information age, still stuck with moody USB cables and almost lazy bluetooths. One almost wishes snail mail was still in vogue; at least we’d get to experience the romance of it. Not all Bluetooth pairings are quick, and not all USB cables fit everywhere. So, what do you do? No, you don’t fret; you download Xender! Yes, Xender has made things so much easy now for sure, and that’s why today we are preparing this guide to download Xender for PC in the easiest way possible in just few minutes.

Xender for PC

Xender is a fast and powerful app that can make sharing gigantic files child’s play. Just select your file, select Xender, and the file be on its way in no time. It almost makes you wonder why this technology doesn’t come preloaded into smartphones.

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Xender App Features: The Awesome Ones

Xender is awesome because it has so many unique features. Once you download it and begin to use it, you wonder how were you ever living without it?

  • Xender lets you transfer files from Android to Android, iOS to iOS and Android to iOS too!
  • No messy cables or data consuming internet connectivity or WiFi connection needed.
  • Xender for PC lets you share files with upto 4 devices at the same time. No need to send files to each person separately.
  • Supporting connectivity does not depend on the app being present in the PC/ Mac.
  • You can transfer not only pictures and video, but also apps, documents and a host of other files.

What’s more, Xender supports languages other than English, which include Hindi, Japanese, French, German, Korean and Arabic!

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What doesn’t click? Xender cons:

Xender is thoroughly awesome. But there are features that could have been better too. Here are some that we found lacking.

  • Xender is great and all, but 4 clients at a time is a tad less. Yes, probably no other app has these many consecutive sharing clients possible, but it still leaves you trapped when you have to share files in a larger group.
  • Xender has a pretty interface. But navigating can take a little getting used to.

How to Download Xender for PC

Xender is easy to download for Android. You can just go to play.google.com and search it for the app. You can find the app for iOS on the App Store too. A simple search will suffice.

The problem however is for Windows. We don’t have official Xender for PC version or any similar thing like that.

But don’t fear. We have steps on how you can get Xender for PC in 3 easy and quick steps.

  1. Download Bluestacks.

BlueStacks is an Android Emulator. An Emulator isn’t some hi fi crazy software; don’t worry. An Emulator makes your PC run Android on your Windows or iOS device. What this means is you can easily run your favourite apps that may be exclusive to Android on any non-Android device. Bluestacks is fabulous, well known and hence well recommended by almost every user. You can find it on www.bluestacks.com. It is free to download and use.

  1. Install and Log in with a gmail account

You need to install Bluestacks, and once it is done, log in to it using a Google account. Android is owned by Google, and Google only allows Google accounts to access its Play Store. Logging in will get you access to the apps, as well as allow Google to suggest you apps according to your use.

  1. Install Xender and enjoy.

Xender can be found in the search menu once you are done logging into Bluestacks. The app will open and download just like on a normal Android interface. Press download, wait, and enjoy sharing your files at lightening speeds. That’s how you can wrap the process of Xender Download App easily.

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Xender App: the Final Wrap Up

Xender is a great app to use when you need to share multiple files with more than one device. It needs no internet or cables that might get tangled to the point of causing frustration. Close competition to the app comes from Chinese apps like Zapya, or from Shareit. Xender for PC is indeed a very much needed tool, and with Google Drive becoming the new CD ROM of our generation, Xender will have to innovate to survive. But hey, which app doesn’t? Xender is sure to perform well. It already has 1 to 5 lakh downloads on the Plat Store alone. Who’s to say it won’t cross the 1 million line soon?

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